Sunday, July 09, 2006


I'm less sour on evolutionary psychology than I used to be, largely because of mild increases in my familiarity with it, but I still often run into something where it simply hurts me to read it. The latest is a model which purports to explain suicide (look for “Evolutionary Explanations” and apply all necessary disclaimers since Wikipedia is my source). Is there any more obvious time to stand up and yell “pleiotropism” or “spandrel?” Seriously, suicide is very heavily linked to severe mood disorders. Is there an explanation of them in terms of evolutionary psychology which doesn't treat them as spandrels?

Oh dear. They've done it. (No idea how reputable those folks are.)

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will leonard said...

Hahaha. Ah man. Next thing you know they'll be theorizing on the evolutionary origins of blogging. You ought to get in on that while the gettin's good.